One Company’s Tea Of The Future Wants To Cure All Your Ailments


By Cooking Panda

Tetley Tea is making some bold predictions for what forms tea will take, and how it will be enjoyed in the next 10 years. The English tea manufacturer has completed a study covering five areas in which it believes tea consumption will evolve over time. Some of the new tea types include hangover, headache and hair loss cures.

Let’s look at each of the 5 predictions in depth, shall we?

Remedy Teas
According to Tetley’s study, consumers will grow to want more than just satisfaction from their meals. They’ll want foods that can offer additional health benefits as well. That’s why remedy teas will appear on the market.

With “one size fits all” logic proven inaccurate, we will want more personalized attention to healthcare needs, and since teas are already known for health qualities like providing antioxidants and hydration, what better drink is there to infuse with painkillers and medicines? Tetley Tea predicts remedy teas will be enriched with medications for prevention of hair loss, for curing hangovers and even for helping sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

Tea Tech
This prediction is based on the current trend of health monitoring technology, like the Fitbit and smart watches. Technology will be used to tell you what kind of personalized brew you need based on your daily health. For example, if you’d had a bad night’s sleep, your new tea technology (in whatever form it might take) would suggest you drink a cup of tea that has extra caffeine and vitamin B6 to get you through the day.

Likewise, personal brewers will become a reality — much the Keurig, but brewing your personal tea needs for you.

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New Tea Formats
Tetley Tea predicts that tea will take new forms based on the consumer’s desire for instant gratification. We want everything to be quick and easy, so the report says there will eventually be tea sprays, tablets and strips so that the desired effects will take place sooner. Also, since we tend to love luxury items as well, tea will become available in sorbets and syrups, too.

Grow and Blend Your Own
My personal favorite prediction is that the public will want to become tea connoisseurs themselves. It’s becoming more and more commonplace already for us to want to learn all about what we are putting into our bodies. We also love living in a time when learning and becoming informed is actually very easy. Tetley believes this will create a trend of wanting to grow and blend our own teas. Great idea! 

Tea Total Bars
Tea Total Bars sound like heaven: master tea blenders to teach you all about brewing, the best combinations, and tea mocktails with mixes of different flavors like caramel and chamomile. Tea Total Bars would also be general hangouts for health-conscious tea drinkers who prefer tea to coffee or wine.

A few of these predictions sound well ahead of their time, but some of them sound like they might be right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Tetley Tea / Photo credit: Telegraph UK via The Odyssey Online

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