One Amazing Woman Is Donating Her Year Of Free Pizza To A Homeless Shelter (Video)


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Detroit’s 19-year old Hannah Spooner won a year’s-worth of free Pizza from Little Caesar’s, and then donated that pizza to a local homeless shelter for the city’s youth (video below).

Inside Edition reports that as soon as Spooner received a phone call that she’d won the year of pizza, she knew she wanted to do something meaningful with it. “Detroit is going through a lot of negativity,” Spooner said. “I wanted somewhere close to home that would be affected by my donation.”

Spooner called and toured different facilities before deciding on the one that would win her generous donation. Finally, she settled on Covenant House Michigan, a homeless shelter for Detroit’s teens.

Eater reports that Covenant House Michigan describes itself as “a sanctuary for young people who have nowhere else to go.” The organization also has three alternative charter schools that allow kids to study and earn their high school degrees to help them on a path toward college. It’s no wonder Spooner chose this charity.

“I could tell it would actually make a difference,” Spooner said. “I would actually see people who benefitted from it. They were really sweet, warm and welcoming.”

The Covenant House’s development manager, Carolyn Millard, said she was ecstatic over Spooner’s choice and donation.  The organization serves three meals a day; so they’ll have to work out the new deal with Little Caesar’s, but she’s looking forward to giving pizza to the children.

“They love pizza. They get very excited,” she said in a statement to Inside Edition. Although we don’t yet know when the pizza will be available to the children, Millard says she hopes distribution can start as early as Sept. 12.

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When asked about the pizza gift, Little Caesar’s Kitchen Manager Mark Peacock said, “A lot of times we get people in the mission who are at their worst, or they’re broken, which has been all of us at some point. Knowing people in the community care for you can’t do anything but help with the process of getting better.”

Well said, Mr. Peacock, and I couldn’t agree more.

Watch Spooner’s interview here:

Sources: Inside Edition, Inquisitor / Photo credit: Little Caesar's Panama/Instagram

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