‘Ninja Turtles’ Actor Stephen Amell Serves Pizza To Fans


By Cooking Panda

We love pizza. Ok, we love pizza a lot. But we would never say that we love pizza more than the Ninja Turtles. Everyone knows that they are the ultimate pizza fans. So what better way to promote “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows” than by serving up pizza slices to fans?

We can credit actor Stephen Amell, who plays Casey Jones in the sequel, for coming up with the idea. The “Arrow” actor posted simple instructions on his Facebook page that said simply, “Abitino’s Pizza. 1435 Broadway… 11 am” accompanied by a video announcement that he would be serving pizza and doing Ninja Turtles trivia.

Fans showed up and waited in long lines at the New York Pizzeria but were rewarded by Amell delivering on his promises, serving the slices, and chatting with the customers.

He seemed pretty thrilled about being so close to pizza and was munching on a slice while standing behind the counter with other workers and a camera crew.

“I’m back here serving pizza for the first time in my life, because it feels like something you should do if you’re in a ‘Turtles’ movie,” he says in a video that he posted on his Facebook page.

The line looked like it went far around the block, but fans didn’t seem to mind, as they continued to wait for the chance to have Amell serve them a slice.

One thing’s for sure: Amell seems to really care about his fans and acted absolutely delighted to hang out with them and hand out slices of the pie.

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We think that the charismatic actor did a great job, and if his acting career ever falls through, he can make a good living serving up pizza.

Sources: Foodbeast, Stephen Amell/Facebook / Photo Credit: Isabelle Mader/Twitter

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