New Stoli Vodka Campaign Encourages Hesitant Men To #DrinkWhatTheyWant


By Cooking Panda

So, apparently millennial men have been feeling judged at the bars lately — and shockingly, their fellow millennial men are to blame (video below). 

Recently, Stoli conducted a #DrinkWhatYouWant survey of over 1,400 U.S. customers, and found that while 74% of millennial men admitted to enjoying flavored cocktails, a significant 63% of them added that they avoid ordering them in social settings.

Why? For fear of being scrutinized by their peers.

In order to rectify this wrong and emancipate men from the shackles of their peers’ dictatorial surveillance (in other words, to ensure that men don’t have to be held to the same bogus societal standards as millennial women do when out drinking at bars), the Martin Agency has launched a new campaign for Stoli Vodka to empower men to enjoy their cocktails of choice.

“At Stoli Vodka we believe that the world should be free of stereotypes and superficiality, and the last thing someone should be judged by is the drink they order and enjoy,” the DrinkWhatYouWant website states.

“Guys, it’s time to let down the bravado and get inspired by the commentary, drinks and recipes on this site. It’s time for everyone, especially men, to feel free to enjoy a delicious flavored cocktail.”

The #DrinkWhatYouWant initiative includes a digital ad campaign featuring an anthem video and an additional three shorter videos, which depict a white, presumably straight, cis-millennial man triumphing over his self-imposed insecurities and ordering fruity cocktails.

In theory, a campaign endeavoring to challenge stigmas and perceived gender roles is a positive, progressive stance; unfortunately, the actual videos showcase a man whose self-empowerment appears to be attained through ridiculing the drinks and attempted commentary of those around him.

A little hypocritical, no? Well, according to Lori Tieszen, the CMO and senior vice president of marketing for Stoli Group USA, that’s neither the intention nor the point.

“This isn’t a serious subject, it’s a fun subject,” Tieszen told Adweek. “We think we have an interesting way in by relating to guys’ fears and saying drink what you want, don’t worry about it.”

Check out the anthem video below to decide whether you think the advertisements effectively help challenge the status quo. You can also check out the campaign’s official website here.

Sources: Adweek, DrinkWhatYouWant, Stoli/YouTube / Photo credit: stoli/Instagram

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