New Start-Up Uses Lasers To Engrave Chocolate


By Cooking Panda

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don’t have a card
Will chocolate do?

Here’s hoping all you romantics out there are better poets than I am, because there’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a start-up that wants to help you deliver heartfelt messages to your loved ones — on chocolate.

Founded by Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau, Noteworthy Chocolates is a “chocolate stationery” company that uses lasers to engrave writing on slabs of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate sustainably sourced from Ecuador, according to their Kickstarter page. The “stationery” will be available in dark, milk and white chocolate varieties.

According to News Times, the sweet idea came to Michael last fall on his 45th birthday when, as he was leaving an events expo at the Javits Center, he realized that everyone there appeared to be handing out chocolate. 

“I started wondering what kind of novel things we could do with chocolate and what we could do to personalize it,” he told News Times.

And thus began the Sauvageaus’ joint foray into the world of chocolate and lasers.

After months of research, the couple was able to test the feasibility of their idea at the Innovation Center, where they mastered a method that allows them to engrave their chocolates via laser without compromising their quality.

“It was really amazing to watch the whole process as it unfolded,” Jennifer told News Times.

According to the start-up’s Kickstarter, Jennifer is allergic to seven of the eight major allergens, which spurred the couple to consider carefully what kind of chocolate they felt was appropriate for the company. So, sourcing “premium soy-free chocolate” was a priority.

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“[Our chocolate is] crafted in small batches in the French artisan tradition in the US with only the finest non-GMO ingredients,” Noteworthy Chocolates’ Kickstarter page explains. “The dark chocolate shares equipment with milk and white chocolate. Their facility is free of peanuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish and fish and the chocolate is soy, peanut and gluten-free.”

As of April 28, their Kickstarter campaign to help fund the endeavor has raised nearly $14,000 of its $27,000 goal. There are 17 days left to donate.

“So far, everything has been improvised, so we’re excited for what we can do with more space and professional equipment,” the Kickstarter reads. “With your backing, we will create a certified kitchen and laser lab, purchase lasers and other equipment, order professional chocolate molds, develop the website, and then make and send all the yummy rewards!”

The Noteworthy Chocolates Kickstarter page can be found here, if you’d like to donate. And even if the recipient of your edible sentiments rejects you, you can rest assured that, at the very least, “no chocolate is harmed in the laser engraving process.”

Sources: Noteworthy Chocolates/KickstarterNews Times / Photo credit: Noteworthy Chocolates/Kickstarter

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