New Hooters Restaurant Will Feature Male Servers


By Cooking Panda

Some good things will probably last forever, like our love for PB&J, or the hopeful feeling we get when winter is finally over and the first buds of spring begin to bloom. But we’re also happy when we see other things get a long-overdue upgrade.

When most people think of Hooters (we assume), they think of rowdy and often impolite customers, a waitstaff comprised entirely of cis-women dressed in uniforms that, if we had to guess, probably aren’t very warm, and an abundance of greasy, fried and meat-heavy food options to choose from.

But guess what? It’s 2017, ya’ll, and the most unexpected chains and people are changing and evolving to keep up with the current times.

Now, Hooters restaurants announced on Jan. 31, that the Clearwater, Florida-based Hooters Management Corp. (which is the smaller of the two companies that operates Hooters restaurants worldwide) will be opening a new concept restaurant called “Hoots.”

What makes Hoots different from its predecessor? Well, for starters, its menu, just like its name, is going to be much shorter — only the most popular items from full-service Hooters restaurants will grace its pages.

Second, its going to be a fast-casual joint; that means no more table service, which is something Hooters is very well known for. Hoots will feature a full-service bar, according to Tampa Bay Times, but counter service for take-out and dine-in customers is going to be the way to go there, rather than having waitstaff hover around guests’ tables.

Finally, and perhaps most progressively, Hoots is ditching those orange-and-white iconic uniforms (we won’t miss those) and is going to staff both men and women at the counter, and (hopefully) also folks who identify outside of the gender binary too!

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According to Tampa Bay, the first Hoots restaurants will be located in Illinois, and is going to be 2,800 square feet with 75 seats. It is expected to open in mid-February 2017.

What do you think of the new Hoots concept? Are you excited to support it, or do you think you’ll just boycott both restaurants altogether?

Source: Tampa Bay Times / Photo Credit: Hooters/Facebook

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