New Burger King Mac N’ Cheetos Is Our Latest Fast Food Obsession


By Cooking Panda

Cheese lovers, rejoice!

Burger King might be known for its flame grilled burgers and classic fries, but it looks like the chain is trying to spice things up with its most recent offerings. Following the introduction of such innovative menu items as the Whopperrito and Chicken Fries Rings, the fast food giant just announced their newest frakenfood: Mac n’ Cheetos.

If the name alone sounds delicious, never fear—the description of Mac n’ Cheetos is even more enticing than the moniker itself. According to Brand Eating, Burger King’s latest menu item consists of deep-fried, Cheeto-shaped clumps of macaroni and cheese, all dusted with signature Cheeto cheese powder.

If you’re anything like us, you should prepare to have cheese powder stains covering your car and clothing for the duration of the product’s availability.

Mac n’ Cheetos is being introduced in Burger Kings across the nation as you read, so we suggest that you jump in your car and head to a drive-through as soon as possible.

While the fried sticks of cheesy goodness will only be available for a limited time, each order of five pieces costs a mere $2.49, allowing you to indulge as much as you want over the next few weeks. Burger King reports that the product will be sold for approximately two months in restaurants nationwide.

Personally, we think Mac n’ Cheetos sound shockingly delicious, if a little overwhelming. We’re always up for trying strange new fast food mash-ups, though, so we hope that Burger King keeps up its pattern of innovation in the future!

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Source: Brand Eating / Photo credit: Brand Eating

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