Nestle Wants To Bring You 100% Bio-Based Water Bottles


By Cooking Panda

Nestle often finds itself in the news for less-than-flattering reasons.

In fact, the company is consistently viewed as one of the most hated ones in the world — possibly because people tend to love to hate huge companies by default, or maybe because phrases such as “child labor,” “unethical promotion,” “mislabeling” and more often come up in discussions about the giant food and beverage company.

However, Nestle has just made the news for a more ethical and conscious reason. Apparently, the company has teamed up with industry giant Danone Waters and a California startup called Origin Materials to form the NaturALL Bottle Alliance to develop 100 percent bio-based plastic bottles.

The bottles are slated to be launched at a commercial scale and are made from 100 percent sustainable and renewable resources. Basically, because the project plans to make use of biomass feedstocks like recycled cardboard, sawdust and other renewable materials, the bottles are able to be produced without diverting resources or land from food production that would be better left for human or animal consumption.

Not bad, eh?

Frederic Jouin, the head of R&D for plastic materials at Danone, said in a press release:

“Our goal is to establish a circular economy for packaging by sourcing sustainable materials and creating a second life for all plastics… We believe it’s possible to replace traditional fossil materials with bio-based packaging materials. By teaming up and bringing together our complementary expertise and resources, the Alliance can move faster in developing 100% renewable and recyclable PET plastic at commercial scale.”

Adds John Bissell, CEO of Origin Materials: “Our breakthrough technology aims to reach 100% bio-based bottles at commercial scale. With the help of our Alliance partners, Origin Materials will be able to scale up a technology which has already been proven at the pilot level.”

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Production of the first samples of the bio-based bottles is scheduled to begin in 2018, with the hopes for the process to be developed enough to produce at least 75 percent bio-based plastic bottles at commercial scale as early as in 2020.

Does this kind of news give you more faith in ginormous companies such as Nestle and Danone? Or are you still skeptical?

Source: Nestle Waters / Photo Credit: Nestle Pure Life/Instagram

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