Nestle Sued For Underfilling Boxes of Raisinets


By Cooking Panda

A new lawsuit alleges that Nestle-owned candy Raisinets is underfilling its candy boxes — sometimes by up to an astonishing 40%.

According to TMZ, a Los Angeles moviegoer named Sandy Hafer decided to purchase Raisinets while at the movie theater, probably with the intent to munch contentedly away on a full box of the sweet and chocolatey candies.

However, Hafer claims that the boxes tend to only be 60% full, and is concerned that the average consumer might not be aware that their hard-earned money is being wasted away not on the candy, but on empty space.

The suit claims that Nestle is misleading its customers that purchase its Raisinets at the movie theater, saying that it is not okay and in fact disingenuous if 40% of the item is nothing but “slack-fill,” which means empty space with no functional purpose.

According to FDA guidelines, slack-fills are “misleading” and therefore, Hafer claims that because she never would have bought Raisinets if she had been aware that 40% of the item was slack-fill, she was misled and did not receive adequate fuel for her cash.

Every California moviegoer stands to benefit from Hafer’s case if she wins, as her class action seeks compensation for any and all who did not receive their full money’s worth of Raisinets while at the movie theater.

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Sources: TMZ / Photo Credit: Pia Garcia/Instagram

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