Nespresso Is Bringing Cuban Coffee Back To America


By Cooking Panda

After over 50 years of trade embargo, Cuban coffee is finally making a legal debut in the United States. Nespresso recently announced plans to bring a new product, called Cafecito de Cuba, to the American market, and java connoisseurs have much reason to get excited.

According to FoodNavigator-USA, Cuban coffee beans have a “luxurious, distinct flavor” that adds to the novelty and excitement of the previously banned beverage.

A spokesperson for Nespresso stated, “Cafecito de Cuba is a dark roasted and intense coffee” that the brand believes will delight customers and create demand across the United States. Apparently, Cafecito de Cuba is a “pure origin Grand Cru,” made with 100 percent Cuban Arabica beans that will be available for a limited time starting in fall 2016.

More than simply offering coffee aficionados a new, intense cup of Joe, however, the move could also stimulate Cuba’s economy and independent business owners.

There has been much debate within Congress as to whether or not the United States’ trade sanctions with Cuba should be relaxed, as Cuba could represent an important source of organic foods. Most recently, Cuba was featured in U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s speech at the Organic Trade Association’s Policy Conference in Washington, DC, highlighting the potential windfalls of a lasting trade relationship between the two nations.

While Nespresso currently has no plans to use organic Cuban coffee beans, the company has committed to work with “smallholder coffee farmers” across the island nation.

“Ultimately, our goal is to support farmers in their production of sustainable coffee and contribute to expanded economic opportunities for them in the long-term,” said a Nespresso spokesperson.

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Coffee is one of the United States’ top two organic imports, however, and Nespresso’s Cafecito de Cuba could pave the way for more Cuban coffee to reach American consumers.

Check out the new product when it debuts in the fall, and keep your eyes open for additional Cuban coffee products in the future—we have a feeling such a trade relationship would be beneficial for everyone involved.

Sources: FoodNavigator-USA, U.S. Department of State / Photo credit: Ultralight Life

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