Move Over PSL: New Starbucks Drink Blends Coffee, Beer (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Starbucks has come up with a startling new innovation, and it’s called the Espresso Cloud IPA (video below).

That’s right, Starbucks has introduced its very first cocktail. Grubstreet reports that the drink was inspired by the Shakerato, and combines espresso with IPA beer to create a new and tasty experience.

The espresso is shaken over ice with orange pieces and just a touch of vanilla. The foam from that is then layered on top of the IPA, which is served to the guest with the cold-shaken shot of espresso on the side. Shaking the espresso with the orange and vanilla flavors first gives it a cloud of foam, and then pouring the espresso shot over the beer adds to the foam and gives the beer a cloud of color, producing the “cloud” referred to in the drink’s name.

According to 1912 Pike, Starbucks’ own Coffee Master Justin Burns-Beach was the creator behind this fun new evening drink. He was a barista in Pheonix for eight years before moving to Seattle and working at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, where he came up with this drink invention.

I’m sure he’s right when he terms it “a truly interactive and unique beverage experience.” It looks both fun and delicious all at once. I’m sure those citrus and vanilla notes really add a new depth to the taste of both the IPA and the espresso. And if it wasn’t fun enough, getting to throw it together yourself definitely helps to make it your own.

The Espresso Cloud IPA is currently available in any of the “Starbucks evenings” locations, along with most of the rest of their evening specials you’ve come to know and love. Who knows? This Espresso Cloud IPA might just be the new signature Starbucks drink, replacing the PSL that has become known as the Starbucks signature fall beverage. I don’t see McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts trying to copy this one anytime soon.

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Check out this video where Burns-Beach goes over how to make the drink and how he came up with it:

Sources: Grubstreet, Starbucks 1912 Pike / Photo credit: Starbucks 1912 Pike

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