Mom Makes Upsetting Discovery On Her Restaurant Receipt (Video)


By Cooking Panda

When a New Mexico woman declined to leave a tip for a server at a restaurant, the waitress allegedly took matters into her own hands (video below).

The patron, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she noticed an unusual change in her Outback Steakhouse bill.

“I put a zero in the tip and I wrote the total in, signed my name and we left,” she told KOB. “When I looked at the Outback, it said $90.” The customer’s bill at the Farmington eatery was $81.08.

Sophia Cumpton was the 19-year-old server accused of credit card fraud over the $8.92 added to the bill.

“It’s kind of scary because who else did they do this to?” the woman said. “I wonder how many other people have been stolen from and don’t even know.”

The restaurant manager reportedly fired Cumpton after the incident. But the woman says she will never go back to that Outback Steakhouse again. She advises diners to compare receipt and bank charges, or pay in cash to avoid fraud.  

Cumpton wrote on Facebook that the customer is on a “rant to ruin [her] life.” Adding that she’s already been to court but isn’t facing any charges, according to previous reports.

Some restaurants have done away with tipping altogether. Back in November, Joe’s Crab Shack announced they were testing a no-tipping policy at 18 of its locations around the country, reports Los Angeles Times. They made up for it by increasing the cost to diners by “…less than the average 20% tip.”

“This stuff has been done and over with for like a week and she wants to come up now after everythings done just to get her little 15 minutes of fame but she won’t Even show her face or release her name rather just ruin mine because she knows she’s in the wrong,” Cumpton wrote.

“I know her name and unlike her I’m not going to ruin somebodys reputation,” she added.

Source: KOB

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