Mom Finds Unfortunate Surprise In Young Son’s Burger King Smoothie (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Leslie Grogg stopped by a drive-thru Burger King in Colorado Springs, Colorado, last week, but her her young son said something was wrong and he spit out a hard piece of plastic. 

“When I swallowed it, it felt a little sharp,” Groggs’ son, Issac Tafoya, told her 

Grogg told KRDO that she went to the fast food chain, but that the manager was dismissive and laughed at her before telling her “goodbye.” Grogg decided to get her son check out by paramedics and he was given the all clear, but she is still upset. 

plastic shard allegedly found in smoothie

“At what point do they have to be responsible, at the same point that I would have to be responsible? You can’t serve people anything in their food,” Grogg said. She now hopes for an apology and that the employees will be better trained in the future.

In the comments section of that story, a woman identifying herself as Grogg wrote that all she “wanted was my son to be acknowledged and cared for from all parties. That failed. Then all I wanted was an apology. That’s not happening except for Burger King telling the news they are taking corrective action.”

It’s unclear what type of corrective action Burger King is taking. 

Sources: KRDO,  Leslie Grogg/Disqus Screenshot via KRDO

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