M&M Has Three New Peanut Flavors, And We Tasted All Of Them For You


By Cooking Panda

If you’re anything like the Food Please office, you’ll skip the Chili Nut flavor. 

As you might know if you’ve been hanging out in the candy section of your local grocery store, M&M has released three new peanut flavors out into the world. But not all three of them will become M&M staples. In honor of the candy’s 75th anniversary, it’s up to the fans to pick which of the three will remain for generations to enjoy. The options? Honey Nut, Coffee Nut and Chili Nut. So, how did these three rank with us? Let’s discuss. 


Overwhelmingly, this was the least favorite of the bunch. While chili might work with dark chocolate, it didn’t quite hit the same stride with milk chocolate. Maybe it’s because it tasted more cinnamon spicy than chili spicy. Plus, the chili flavor was inconsistent, with some pieces being way spicier than others. And if you do give these a try, note that the spice kicks in at the very end. Basically, only one person in the office actively liked these. The rest of us will be steering clear. 


While Chili Nut failed to please, Coffee Nut was a major hit. If you’re a fan of chocolate covered espresso beans—albeit with a peanut-flavored twist—then this is the M&M for you. There was definitely a very pleasant mocha taste to it that wasn’t overpowering at all, and was really only aided by the peanut. We couldn’t really find anything wrong with this one, except that maybe it should have been called Mocha Nut. Otherwise, it was an office favorite. 

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Also a favorite? Honey Nut. Sure, it didn’t really taste like honey and more like really creamy chocolate, but hey! What’s wrong with that? One of our taste-testers noticed it did smell a lot like honey before biting into it. Honey Nut is definitely the richest of the three flavors and because of the way the chocolate mixes with the honey, it has the least classic M&M chocolate taste. (Personally, it tasted more like Cadbury than M&M.) Still, it was the other favorite, tied with Coffee Nut. 

The consensus? You can’t go wrong with Honey Nut or Coffee Nut, but if we’d have to pick a flavor forever and ever and ever, Coffee Nut gets our vote. Want to get in on the M&M tasting fun? Pick up the flavors, give them a taste, then go cast your vote here. You can also use the hashtag, #MMSFlavorVote. Happy tastings! 

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