McDonald’s Will Offer $1 Mozzarella Sticks Throughout The Country


By Cooking Panda

After experimenting with mozzarella sticks at their New York City restaurants, McDonald’s will begin to offer the cheesy snack at stores nationwide, BuzzFeed reports

The launch of mozzarella sticks suggests that McDonald’s is drawing ideas from other franchises and international markets. Currently, cheese bites are offered at McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K.

“While we know the vast majority of our growth will come from national initiatives, regional empowerment has given our local markets the power to plus up the national plan, drive incremental sales and profit, and provide a pipeline of new ideas for the system,” Mike Andres, president of McDonald’s USA, said during an investor meeting on Nov. 10.

McDonald’s has had some difficulty over past few years. In October, the restaurant chain finally showed signs of growth after two years of poor sales.

“While still in the early stages, we believe our turnaround plan is starting to generate the change needed to reposition McDonald’s as a modern, progressive burger company,” CEO Steve Easterbrook said.

The chain is also currently testing sweet potato fries at 18 restaurants in the Amarillo, Texas, area.

Mozzarella sticks will be sold at McDonald’s for $1 per pack, which includes three mozzarella sticks.


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Sources: The Courier Tribune, BuzzFeed News

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