McDonald’s Opens A Gourmet Fry Restaurant Where Everything Is Free


By Cooking Panda

McDonald’s is officially our favorite fast-food chain. The burger and fry Mecca recently announced that it would be testing new fry flavors by offering new gourmet fry sauces at a fry-only pop-up restaurant. Say that three times fast!

Even better? The delicious new fries are entirely free.

The pop-up, named “Fries With That,” will offer seven tantalizing flavors of fried potato deliciousness over the next three days. Customers will have the chance to choose between sour cream and sweet chilli, gravy, Caesar sauce with bacon and parmesan, curry, pesto and parmesan, chipotle cheese sauce, an peri-peri cheese sauce. Unfortunately, patrons are only entitled to one free portion of fries each day, so we suggest you choose wisely.

While the pop-up is only located in Australia, don’t despair. The ultimate goal of the restaurant is to test customer reactions to the new flavors. After sampling the free fries, all patrons will be asked to vote on their favorites. With any luck, you can expect the most delicious options to show up on McDonald’s worldwide menu sometime in the near future. If you can’t wait, however, your only option might be to fly to Australia!

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Source: Metro / Photo credit: McDonald's Australia

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