McDonald’s New Fried Chicken Sandwich Is Everything


By Cooking Panda

Have you ever wished McDonald’s would start serving a fried chicken and waffles meal to-go? If not, you’re definitely thinking about it now, and why shouldn’t you? It’s a pretty tempting idea.

That must be why McDonald’s is experimenting with it in Florida. According to Brand Eating, the chain is using a McChicken patty and McGriddle cakes to make a tasty breakfast sandwich that resembles the fried chicken and waffle classic, in handheld form.

The new Chicken McGriddle sandwich will be available at participating restaurants in Florida from Jan. 2 through April 26, according to Space Coast Daily. The Chicken McGriddles will be on the all-day breakfast menu for these lucky patrons.

McDonald’s owners of locations offering this new brunch-type menu item seem to be just as excited as the rest of us about the new menu addition. “Chicken McGriddles have been a not-so-secret, secret McDonald’s menu item for a while, and we are thrilled to officially add it to the menu so all guests are aware and can enjoy this great sandwich,” said one McDonald’s owner/operator. “I’m excited that our customers no longer have to wait for Saturday or Sunday to enjoy brunch in Central Florida — now, they can enjoy the taste of chicken and waffles, on-the-go, all day, every day.”

We’re excited, too! The Chicken McGriddle isn’t the only fried chicken addition to the McDonald’s breakfast menu; the McChicken Biscuit will be joining the all-day breakfast menu as well. This sandwich also uses the McChicken patty, but it is featured on a buttermilk biscuit rather than a McGriddle, for those who prefer a fluffy, savory buttery taste to a maple taste.

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To top off all of this great news, it was made known in 2016 that the McGriddles cakes aren’t made with any artificial preservatives or flavors, and no colors from artificial sources are used, either. The buttermilk biscuits are even topped with 100 percent real butter. Sounds a lot like McDonald’s is really upping its game. I hope to see this new McGriddle spread to other parts of this country, so I can try it too!

Sources: Brand Eating, Space Coast Daily / Photo Credit: McDonald's via Thrillist

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