McDonald’s Is Adding Some Serious Flavor To Its Fries


By Cooking Panda

McDonald’s tailors its menus to the tastes of each country it serves — that’s how the restaurant chain maintains its global popularity. 

In Singapore, the company has taken the classic curly fry and added a regional twist: crab-flavored seasoning. 

Picture this: a gloriously grease-stained bag of your dearest fried friends, on which you sprinkle a generous dusting of salt-pepper-crab mixture. You shake it all together. The seasoning perfectly coats each fry, fresh (*fresh?*) from the kitchen.

You pluck a fry from the hot bag, bite through the crispy potato exterior, burn your tongue a little but don’t care that much, continue chewing and reveling in starchy goodness, and then the seasoning finally resonates. And it’s a dang party.

Unfortunately for most of the world, the Twist & Shake Fries — or as I prefer to call them, Crabby Tater Tornadoes — are only featured on the Singapore menu. We’re also missing out on spicy nuggets, mini fried banana pies and salted egg yolk chicken burgers.

Feeling left out of the flavored fry game? If the answer is yes and you live in California, McDonald’s recently began serving garlic fries at several locations. You’re welcome.

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Sources: Brand Eating, Fortune / Photo credit: McDonald's Singapore via Brand Eating

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