McDonald’s Has The Best Coke: Here’s Why


By Cooking Panda

If you are somebody who frequents fast food places for your meals, you’ve probably noticed that many of the menus have some overlapping items that you can buy.

For example, many fast food chains offer their version of crispy, warm, french fries; many also offer some variation of a burger as well. If you’re going to a Mexican type of fast food place, on the other hand, you’re probably going to be able to find a taco.

But what almost all fast food chains share in common is that they pretty much all offer soft drinks, right?

While it makes sense that somebody might favor the french fries at one chain over another, we never really thought about comparing soft drinks between establishments; however, it turns out that many people have done just that.

In fact, loads of people seem to believe that McDonald’s has the best Coke soft drink of all!

Spoon University has listen not one, not two, but five whole reasons detailing why McDonald’s has better Coke than its fast food competitors.

For one thing, apparently McDonald’s gets its Coke delivered in stainless steel containers that make the Coke taste fresher than the chains that have their Coca-Cola delivered in plastic bags.

Secondly, McDonald’s takes its water filtration methods seriously, and actually invests money to make sure its water is filtered more often than other chains.

Third, the water used in the Coke is constantly running through an insulated tube to keep it at a temperature just above freezing, which then lends your drink a super crisp, bubbly and refreshing profile, because its CO2 levels are on point.

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And that’s not the only thing that gets chilled to perfection: the syrup mixed in to create Coke is also pre-chilled for your drinking pleasure.

Lastly, and this one may seem like a stretch, but the straw that McDonald’s gives out is actually slightly bigger than other fast food chains, so all of that refreshing goodness coats as many parts of your taste buds as possible with every sip.

That’s it! Are you convinced?

Source: Spoon University / Photo Credit: Coca-Cola/Instagram

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