McDonald’s Has An Epic New Big Mac Bacon Sandwich


By Cooking Panda

All right, folks. The time has come. You must answer the question that has been on everybody’s minds:

Is a Big Mac with bacon still a Big Mac?

Okay — so maybe that question hasn’t been on your mind (or mine, or your friends, or anybody you really talk to on a regular basis), but it sure has been on McDonald’s Canada’s mind, because the fast-food chain has recently posted a poll to its website asking McDonald’s fans that very question.

Yes? Or no?

According to the poll, 60% of voters answered yes, while 40% answered no.

Why is McDonald’s Canada asking the question in the first place? Why, it’s all part of a marketing campaign for its new limited-time Big Mac Bacon, which includes processed cheddar cheese (instead of the standard McDonald’s American cheese), but otherwise appears to be the exact same as a Big Mac: we’re talking two all-beef patties, that McDonald’s special sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions, a toasted sesame seed bun, and, oh yeah … bacon.

According to Ad Week, the addition of bacon to the iconic Bic Mac sandwich is actually the very first change to the sandwich in Canada in 50 whole years, so it makes sense that fans and the company itself are thinking so hard about the actual nature of the Big Mac.

In the end, we just don’t have the answer. But we do know that for many people, adding bacon to anything is only ever a good thing, so whether a Big Mac with bacon is still a Big Mac might just not matter — as long as it tastes delicious.

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What do you think? And will you be picking up a Big Mac Bacon at a participating store near you?

Sources: McDonald's Canada, Ad Week / Photo Credit: McDonald's Canada

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