McDonald’s Has A Dreamy New Cherry Soda Float


By Cooking Panda

This sounds so refreshing and delicious!

If you didn’t already know, cherry blossom season is about to descend upon Japan, which means that plenty of different restaurants are beginning to offer super-cool specials to celebrate the vibrant hue of the cherry blossom.

Rocket News 24 reports that actually, even though many Japanese specials feature the brilliantly pink hue of the cherry blossom, not as many feature the sweet and sugary taste of cherries — because the cherry blossom trees in Japan, called sakura, are not usually fruit-bearing trees.

However, a variety of cherries called Satonishiki is grown in Yamagata Prefecture, and McDonald’s Japan is definitely capitalizing on that fact in order to bring its customers two delicious-sounding new drinks that highlight both the color and the flavor of the beautiful cherries.

In honor of the wonderful season, McDonald’s Japan is selling these new drinks: the McFizz Sakuranbo and the McFloat Sakuranbo, which both feature 1 percent Satonishiki (cherry fruit) juice.

The drinks are both carbonated and are being marketed as super fresh and sweet, with a fruity profile rather than a floral one.

For just $2.20, fans of cherry-flavored beverages can pick up the McFizz, while for about $2.70, they can purchase the McFloat, which is essentially the same drink with the addition of a creamy swirl of McDonald’s classic vanilla soft serve.


The drinks will come served in special pastel-colored seasonal packaging, so your beverage is going to match your surroundings if you’re lucky enough to pick one up and enjoy it while walking around outside.

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If you live in Japan, stop by a McDonald’s starting on March 8, 2017, to try one of the new drinks — they’ll only be available until April!

Source: Rocket News 24 / Photo Credit: Rocket News 24

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