McDonald’s Golden Arches Have A Secret, Dark Meaning


By Cooking Panda

This is seriously crazy!

When we think of McDonald’s, one of the first images that comes to our minds, naturally, is the iconic Golden Arches.

We always had this idea that maybe it was two of the fast food chain’s popular golden french fries bent to represent the letter “M” for the first letter of McDonald’s name.

It turns out we might have been mistaken — horribly mistaken.

According to Huffington Post, there’s an old tale about the actual origin of those arches that popped up again on the internet, after Eric Schlosser’s 2011 bestselling book, “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal,” started to enjoy a small resurgence in popularity thanks to Foodbeast posting about it online.

Schlosser apparently writes in his book that originally, the logo was two separate golden arches entirely that were placed on either side of a McDonald’s building.

Okay, so we’re following so far …

Now here’s the twist: You might assume that after a while, somebody realized that by putting the two arches together, the golden humps made an “M” that stood for McDonald’s, and everybody was happy.

However, it turns out McDonald’s wanted to upgrade its look, and didn’t have any attachment to those arches whatsoever. The chain actually hired a design consultant and psychologist named Louis Cheskin, and it was Cheskin who advised McDonald’s to keep the arches.

Here’s why:

“He argued against completely eliminating the golden arches, claiming they had a great Freudian importance in the subconscious mind of consumers. According to Cheskin, the golden arches resembled a pair of large breasts: ‘mother McDonald’s breasts.’ It made little sense to lose the appeal of that universal, and yet somehow all-American, symbolism. The company followed Cheskin’s advice and retained the golden arches, using them to form the M in McDonald’s.”

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That’s right, folks. The entire reason McDonald’s arches look the way they do is because some dude named Cheskin thought that they made us all think of breasts.

We hope you think about that next time you decide you want a Big Mac and fries for lunch!

Source: Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Chels/Instagram

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