McDonald’s Drinks Are Getting Even Cheaper


By Cooking Panda

The fast food industry hasn’t been doing so great lately, probably because of the health food trends we’re seeing nowadays. In order to stay competitive in the market, McDonald’s is stepping up its promotional game.

The Chicago Tribune reports that in an effort to increase sales and consumer interest the fast food company is going to be launching a drink promotion for $1 soft drinks and $2 McCafe drinks, including smoothies and frappes. CEO Steve Easterbrook has been working to gain more attention for Mickey D’s since his recent all-day breakfast push. I’ll admit, I would have thought the all-day breakfast would have taken off. We all thought we wanted it! Maybe it was just a little too late. Perhaps it would have been better a couple of years ago, before we all decided to start getting healthier.

McDonald’s vice president of U.S. marketing says that these new promotional changes will serve to add “another layer of great value for customers with more choices.” As it is, drinks have a higher profit margin than food, since they’re cheaper to distribute. Still, I can’t help but wonder if the best idea isn’t price changes as much as a lack of healthy menu items. What about introducing a veggie burger and organic minty green tea or something? It’s difficult to eat at fast food restaurants as a healthy eater, especially if you’re a vegetarian. Have I mentioned that even the salads at McDonald’s are high calorie?

Let’s hope for McDonald’s sake that the drink promotion will do the trick for its declining profits. I don’t want to see anyone doing poorly, but I especially love my guilty McDonald’s fix about once a week. Customers are always looking for a good deal, and since there is no longer a Mickey D’s dollar menu, something’s got to give, right? One thing McDonald’s does want its loyal customers to know is that “value will always be part of [their] deal.” I think we can all agree that we are grateful for that.

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Source: Chicago Tribune/ Photo Credit: McDonald's/Instagram

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