McDonald’s Customers In Japan Are Competing For Golden Fries (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

McDonald’s Japan has recently launched a contest with the grand prize of a box of gold fries.

By downloading a special app, McDonald’s customers in Japan will be able to enter a photography contest featuring the McFry Potato, otherwise known as McDonald’s Fries. The “potetori” campaign, which translates to “potato taking,” is a play on the word “tori,” according to Rocket News 24. “Tori” can mean both to take an item, and to take a picture. 

To enter the contest, participants are required to use an app to take a photograph of an item that more-or-less looks like McDonald’s Fries. The app features a frame of the famous red McDonald’s box and a variety of filters, which will allow participants to show off their creativity as they fight to win the ultimate grand prize, a “Golden McFry Potato.”

The thought of a box of golden McDonald’s fries is intriguing on its own, which is why I imagine no additional details have been released other than a photo of the reported prize. Whether the fries will be edible, completely covered in gold, or the size of a typical box of fries is unknown.   

The competition will be open through June 7. Good luck!

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Source: Rocket News / Photo credits: McDonald's Japan/Rocket News, kenkentaso/Twitter via Rocket News, Takayuki426/Twitter via Grub Street, motoki_masa/Twitter via Grub Street, Rena_r07/Twitter via Rocket News

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