McDonald’s Almost Gave Us Broccoli McFlurries (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

No, it’s not a really late (or early?) April Fool’s Day prank. McDonald’s really did threaten to release a broccoli-flavored McFlurry into the world.

It was THIS CLOSE to happening, friends!

Here’s the scoop: as part of their partnership with Pokemon, the franchise announced six possible flavors, one of which was to become a real menu item to help promote “Pokemon: I Choose You,” a limited-release anime film, which came out on July 6.

Twitter users took the six flavors to a vote, which closed on midnight on July 10, according to Polygon.

Each of the six McFlurries were created to reflect a Pokemon, and obviously, the grossest, most horrifying one was nasty Bulbasaur flavor that admittedly bears an uncanny resemblance to the character:

There was also a likely refreshing and far less awful white peach Jigglypuff dessert, but it wasn’t meant to be either:

Then there was a purple potato McFlurry for Gengar, which sounds pretty cool. Ube shake, anyone?

Then you have a Ramune blue soda-flavored dessert for Squirtle. Hm…could be good?

And, oddly, Charmander got a super spicy flavor with habanero, which happened to be the least popular during voting. That one would probably be gross, but I would have tried it anyway. Then again, I’m kind of weird.

The winner, as always when it comes to Pokemon, was a chocolate banana Pikachu flavor, which sounds tasty and is a lot more tame than most of those other ones.

Turns out, Pikachu won by a landslide, as usual. And the cups that the decadent ice cream treat is served in are really adorable:

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As of now, the flavor is only available in Japan, but if it sounds delicious to you, keep your fingers crossed. McDonald’s experimented with similar banana desserts (banana-chocolate McFlurries in some parts of the world) when the Minions took over the fast food chain to promote their new movie.

Sources: Polygon, Delish / Photo Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr, The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s Japan via Polygon

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