Man Emerges From 48-Day Coma, Immediately Demands Taco Bell


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In February, after coming down with a case of double pneumonia, 35-year-old Army veteran and former sheriff’s deputy from Florida Jake Booth suffered a heart attack that resulted in him being put in a medically-induced coma.

According to Metro, he was technically dead for 15 minutes.

Doctors, family and friends alike were all unsure as to whether or not Booth would ever wake up, or how much damage his brain endured due to loss of oxygen, reports USA Today.

But somehow, after 48 days in a coma, Jake Booth woke up — and he woke up hangry.

“I want Taco Bell,” Booth said.

“He actually said, out loud, ‘I want Taco Bell,'” Booth’s older brother Jason Schwartz told This Week in Taco Bell by phone, reports USA Today.

“That was the very first thing he said … When he starts getting into a full sentence, he can’t do it. But when he does one or two words at a time, you can definitely understand him. So when he asked for Taco Bell almost immediately, his fried Tyler definitely heard him say ‘Taco Bell.’ Tyler said, ‘Do you want Taco Bell?’ And Jake said, ‘Yes.’”

According to Grubstreet, Booth’s doctors cleared him to eat actual food again in early May, thus allowing him to satisfy his hunger in the form of eight and a half Crunchy Tacos.

Now, Booth’s brother Jason is hoping to take advantage of the media attention both Taco Bell and tickled readers have foisted upon them, and has set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for Jake’s medical bills and recovery.

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The GoFundMe, called “Wake the Jake” has raised almost $9,900 of its $50,000 goal as of May 13. There are 2 months left to donate to the cause.

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Sources: Metro, USA Today, Grubstreet, Wake the Jake/GoFundMe / Photo credit: Wake Up Jake/Facebook

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