Man Claiming To Be From Future Goes To Arby’s, Steals Chicken And Bacon


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A man who reportedly claims to hail from a post-apocalyptic future (perhaps the one in which Trump has won the 2016 presidential election) was arrested after assaulting an employee and stealing a handful of bacon and chicken from an Arby’s in Oklahoma City on April 15.

The man, who was later identified as 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson, reportedly told police: “I am from planet Earth 2016 and am four years advanced on you, and you guys are always trying [to] kill me.” 

“On my planet Earth, everyone is dead and I walked here from there,” he added, according to KOCO.

Witnesses allegedly first saw Anderson walk into a Carl’s Jr., where he proceeded to forcefully demand food from the employees.

When that conquest failed, Anderson then turned his attention to Arby’s, where he reportedly leaped on top of the counter and demanded food. Upon being denied, Anderson traversed his way into the kitchen and grabbed an employee by her arms, forcing her against a wall. The victim told police that Anderson proceeded to grab a handful of bacon and chicken and then fled the scene, taking care to break the front glass door during his departure.

“He was possibly under the influence of some sort of narcotic or intoxicant or suffering from some type of break with reality,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Gary Knight said, according to KOKH. “He did mention that he is from four years in the future and that is how people will get food during that period of time.”

Police later found Anderson outside of a different restaurant, where he was on the ground and complaining of a broken ankle.

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“I got bacon and chicken and I scared the lady,” Anderson reportedly said to police. “She thought I was going to hurt her, but I was not. I was just hungry and wanted some food. That is what I have to do to get food.”

Anderson was arrested and charged for complaints of robbery by force or fear, assault and battery and destruction of property.

Sources: KOCO, KOKH / Photo Credit: Oklahoma County Jail via KOKH

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