Mail Fail: Someone Went About Mailing A Cake Very Wrong (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Cake and frosting ended up all over the side of a post box in a suburb in Bristol, England, and it’s really unclear how that came to be (photo below).

Did someone carrying a heavy cake lose all leg function and crash into the post box? Did someone go on a drunken rampage of smearing food onto objects meant for public use? Or was someone genuinely trying to mail an unboxed cake to a dear friend?

The Bristol Post reported the “cakey catastrophe” in mid-November, but any evidence about the dessert smasher has yet to be revealed. It’s also unclear how the mess affected people trying to send mail, but it’s fair to assume that at least one person was deterred from dropping a love letter in the frosted box.

Whatever happened, it’s a shameful waste of a perfectly good Victoria sponge cake and frosting. 

If you find yourself wanting to send a cake to someone this holiday season, avoid temptation to squash it directly into a mailbox. These instructions detail precisely how to pack desserts and other delightful treats for post.

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Source: Bristol Post / Photo Credit: Joel Kramer/Flickr

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