London Restaurant Launches Fancy Brunch Menu For Dogs


By Cooking Panda

Are you obsessed with your dog? Do you regularly call restaurants and see if they have a puppy-friendly outdoor patio? Does your four-legged friend eat better food than you do?

If so, you are in luck! A restaurant has announced that for a limited time, they will serve three course brunch meals for dogs, reports Metro. Unfortunately, the restaurant is in London, but we’re hoping the idea will catch on in the States one of these days.

Bluebird, a Chelsea-based restaurant, is teaming up with Pet Pavilion to launch the Bites and Bones Brunch, which will run from noon until 2 pm on weekdays and 12 pm to 3 pm on the weekend, from April 27 until May 1.

Once you and your best friend are seated in the outdoor dog-friendly area of the restaurant, your dog’s meal will start with a dish of venison sausage and beef-flavored brown rice, followed by a chicken and lamb “barkenberg” loaf. After that, every dog needs dessert, naturally. To finish up the meal, your beloved pooch gets a sweet potato and peanut butter macaron with gelato filling to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Want to make it really special? The April 27 opening will feature a special doggy disco party, where servers will bring your dog pooch hooch, also known as dog beer.

Once your fluffy friend is good and drunk on the festivities, you can take them through grooming workshops and reward them with other activities geared to their interests, according to Eater.

Don’t worry. They serve people food too.

Sources: Metro, Eater / Photo Credit: Georgie Pauwels/Flickr

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