Live Your Best Life And Invent Your Own LaCroix Flavor


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve ever looked at a measly convenience store fridge and thought to yourself, “This selection is trash. They ought to put me in charge of flavor experimentation,” then the Internet has the perfect creative outlet for you. It’s called

Unless you’ve never been online or don’t leave your bed — ever — you somewhat know that flavored sparkling water LaCroix is 2016’s It Drink. Much of its allure stems from its abundance of flavors: from cran-raspberry to tangerine and everything in between. 

But 20 flavors just isn’t enough. People want more. They want innovation. So someone, unaffiliated with LaCroix, answered their prayers and created a website where no dream is too lofty, where fizz-magination has no limits, where you can create your very own flavor of LaCroix.

And design a can to match.

This comes as no surprise, but the internet is excited about and has not held back on idea generation. The site has a page on which users can explore flavors created by fellow taste scientists. Results range from the tantalizing — ​Rosé, Lavender and Whispering Angel — to the terrifying, like Boiled Shrimps, Hot Dog Water and Lost Childhood. 

Perhaps creepiest is the eerie “Plain” flavor.

To save the world from the horrors of Cilantro and Imitation Crab sparkling waters, simply follow this link, name your drink, decorate your can with six colors and “Flavorize.” While you can’t drink your creation (which, retrospectively, could be for the best) you can share it on social media and even save it as a gif.

If you need inspiration, check out the musings of an artist who created an entire book of rejected LaCroix flavors, such as Game of Thrones Spoilers and Climate Change.

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Happy wholesome drinking, folks.

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