Listen To The Orchestra That Plays Only Vegetable Instruments (Video)


By Cooking Panda

In Vienna, there is a band that gets more from vegetables than just healthy vitamins. The band makes beautiful music too.

The group has been around 18 years (why are we just learning about them??) and uses vegetables for the instruments in its orchestra. Among all of the different kinds of vegetables used, there are three categories of instruments. As band member Susanna Gartmayer explains in the video below, some are ready to go as-is, like green peppers or pumpkins; then there are the ones that require very little changing, like the eggplant percussion; and finally, there are the instruments that require shaping and molding through use of power tools. Sorry, carrots!

The Vegetable Orchestra visits different countries to showcase their raw (vegetable) talent. They’ve performed in Spain, France, Italy and more. They’ve even come as close as Mexico…C’mon guys just a little farther north, please!

You can keep up with the orchestra’s whereabouts on Facebook to find out if they’ll ever be headed your direction. I’m certainly hoping to see them in Washington, D.C. someday.

Anyway, as you can see in the video, the musicians are well versed in which vegetables would make for good instruments, and choose their produce marketplaces wisely. Then they examine the potential instrument at a sound checking session, which can last hours, to test the quality of sound they’re getting from said veggies.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of food scraps, but of course they don’t get wasted. All scraps are cooked into a vegetable soup to feed the crowd, which smells the veggies all throughout the show.

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As Gartmayer phrases it in the video, “After hearing us and seeing us and smelling the vegetables, which will be intense in there because it’s so small, this theater, and then you can also eat it.”

So, audience members will attend a show, grow hungry throughout because of the smell of all of the fresh vegetables, and then partake in the soup reward after. Sounds like my kind of music show.

Sources: Great Big Story/YouTube, The Vegetable Orchestra/Facebook Photo credit: The Vegetable Orchestra/Facebook

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