Life Is Better With These 14 Magical Rainbow Food Gifs


By Cooking Panda

We here at Cooking Panda are obsessed with rainbow everything.

We have an extra pep in our step today, and it’s all because of rainbow food! To get you on our level, here are some beautiful rainbow treats that are sure to put you in a great mood.

No doubt you’ve seen the many rainbow food sensations across the internet by now. You must have heard of the crazy famous rainbow bagels, at least? Did you know that they start as a smushed up giant dough ball?

And then they get rolled out into thin rings before taking their final form:

All things rainbow need to be topped with sprinkles to reach their maximum potential!

Maybe you’ll settle instead for these scrumptious rainbow pancakes?

Or this insanely awesome pastel rainbow cake?

Complete with rainbow pearls on top, of course!

We can only imagine that it looks like this on the inside:

Need a latte to perk you up after that sugar rush?

We thought it might help. Here, have another.

And don’t forget about delicious galaxy desserts, too!

Now go forth and enjoy all the rainbow things you can find!

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Featured Photo Credit: raining.cookies/Instagram

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