Lean Cuisine Is Slapped With Lawsuit For Preservatives


By Cooking Panda

Isn’t it just so disappointing when a product that markets itself as healthy ends up being less than good for you?

Lean Cuisine is one of those brands that people have turned to in order to help them make more mindful food choices. The ingredients are billed as nutritious alternatives to those that comprise other, more calorie-laden or malnutritious meals, and it also helps diners with portion control.

However, Courtney Ross recently filed a class action suit against the manufacturer of Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, Nestle, based on her claim that its food fare isn’t really all that nutritious after all. In particular, Ross was upset over the preservatives.

According to TMZ, after Ross purchased one of Lean Cuisine’s Four Cheese Pizzas from a CVS in New York City, she discovered that she ended up shelling out way too much money for a product that contained the preservative citric acid.

What upset Ross is that Lean Cuisine is marketed as a preservative-free and healthful company; citric acid is a preservative that is designed to help preserve freshness and flavor in packaged or frozen foods.

Other companies, such as Hungry Man, Jimmy Dean and DiGiornio, acknowledge when they use the preservative in their foods, and Ross was upset that Lean Cuisine didn’t follow the same standard of disclosure.

“The allegations are baseless and we will vigorously defend ourselves. All Nestle products and labels comply with FDA and USDA regulations,” a rep for Nestle USA told TMZ about Ross’ allegations.

For Ross’ part, however, she declared to TMZ that she wants a “corrective advertising campaign” and insists that her lawsuit was not filed solely for monetary purposes.

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In case you were wondering, among the Lean Cuisine meals that contain citric acid, Ross listed Asian-Style Pot Stickers, Shrimp Alfredo, Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli and Ranchero Braised Beef.

Source: TMZ / Photo Credit: Lean Cuisine/Facebook

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