Krispy Kreme’s Holiday Donuts Are Adorable


By Cooking Panda

Krispy Kreme has come out with three new holiday donut options that look delicious, and two of them are cute to boot!

According to Brand Eating, the three new donuts will be available until Christmas, and here’s what they are: Melted Snowman, Santa Belly and Holiday Sprinkles.

My personal fave, the Melted Snowman (just because it’s adorable), is a Kreme-filled variety dipped in white icing and, as you can probably guess by the name, looks like a melting snowman. A rather unhappy one at that. The Santa Belly donut is filled with a hot cocoa Kreme (so, just chocolate?) and decorated with chocolate icing and a candy belt buckle. The perfectly round donut shape is a perfect portrayal of the belly of Old St. Nick. How cute!

The Holiday Sprinkles donut is a regular donut (as in, there’s a hole in the middle instead of filling) and is decorated with chocolate icing and red, green and white sprinkles. This is the crowd-pleaser you want for your holiday office lunch parties, or to add some happiness to your morning routine.

Speaking of breakfast, you might also want to start your day off with a nice hot (or cold, if that’s the way you roll) Toffee Mocha, also only available for a limited time. It’s a toffee-flavored latte topped with whipped cream. Try it with one of those donuts for the sugar-rushed morning you sometimes need, especially on Mondays.

Speaking of Krispy Kreme and limited-time offers, you can also special order a Football Donut for your football celebrations … or losses. Whichever gives you a reasonable excuse to indulge. As you can guess, it’s shaped like a football with chocolate icing for the brown part (pigskin? You can tell I’m not a football fan) and white icing for the stitching. This donut is available all the way until Feb. 7, 2017, so you’ve got a little more time to order it.

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The last limited-time donut I’m going to drool over is the Salted Caramel Latte Donut. It’s filled with espresso Kreme and topped with salted caramel, a salted sugar blend and espresso icing. Go now and find it at your local Krispy Kreme!

Sources: Brand Eating, Krispy Kreme (2) / Photo Credit: Brand Eating

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