Krispy Kreme’s Halloween Doughnuts Sound Delicious


By Cooking Panda

Zombies, pumpkins and spiders — oh my! It’s Halloween season and Krispy Kreme is getting festive with a holiday doughnut debut.

According to a Krispy Kreme press release, this year’s lineup includes 4 new seasonal doughnuts.

Let’s give each one the attention it deserves:

First, the Zombie Doughnut. This one is a Kreme-filled shell dipped in electric blue icing for the blue zombie, or green icing for the green zombie. It is then hand-decorated with black icing and candy eyes. As you can see in the Tweet above, the blue zombie has only one eye. While these are meant to be scary for Halloween, they’re actually pretty cute!

Next up is the Pumpkin Doughnut. This one comes with Chocolate Kreme filling, is dipped in orange icing and decorated with black icing to resemble the face of a jack-o-lantern. Perfect for Halloween and trick-or-treat parties.

The Spider Web Doughnut is probably my favorite, since it’s filled with chocolate and then also iced with chocolate…because you know, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate. The icing decorations on this one are white, and drawn in the pattern of a spider web.

These four delicious-sounding doughnuts (four if you count the zombies as two — I do, it’s only fair!) are available through Oct. 31, according to Brand Eating. But there’s still another seasonal item worth talking about…

Krispy Kreme has given us the Caramel Apple Chiller to wash it all down. This tangy fall drink consists of green apple icy slush swirled with Ghirardelli caramel sauce. Have it with a doughnut for that perfect mix of chocolatey sweetness and tangy fruitiness. What a great way to start the season!

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Sources: Brand Eating, Krispy Kreme Press Release / Photo credit: Krispy Kreme via Brand Eating

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