Kit Kat Bars Filled With Cookie Dough Exist! Yay!!!


By Cooking Panda

Cookie dough in Kit Kat bars? I’d ask why no one ever thought of this before, but all that matters is that it’s here now!

This bar was already famous in Europe, according to Thrillist. In fact, retailers had a tough time keeping it in stock. If it’s as good as it looks and sounds, I can’t say I’m surprised by that. Now, the bar has been spotted in Canada, so we are crossing our fingers and hoping that it’s going to be making its way south over the border on into the U.S.

Nestle calls this wonderful new treat the Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough bar. Judging by the packaging in the picture below, that name seems adequate. Instead of five breakable Kit Kat pieces, there are two big blocks that break apart, revealing the crispy wafer we all know and love, but with a layer of cookie dough on top.

I found one!!! Post run cookie dough kit kit chunky ????

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According to Better Retailing, retailers who carry the bar in Europe say that they haven’t even had to advertise the new Kit Kat creation, like they normally do with new candies. They just put it on the shelves, and bam! It’s gone!

“We’ve gone through cases and cases of them without having to offer any promotion,” one retailer said. “It’s surprised everybody how well it’s been received.” He also said that even after putting in orders to restock with three separate vendors, he still hasn’t been able to replenish his supply.

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One blogger, on One Treat at a Time, decided to taste-test the bar for those of us unlucky enough not to have gotten our hands on one yet (or maybe we are just unwilling to spend $25 on it via Amazon). She says that her only complaint is that the texture of the cookie dough is lost in the crispiness of the wafer. The grittiness we expect when eating cookie dough simply wasn’t there for her. “[I]t felt a bit like eating an actual cookie rather than cookie dough …”

Whatever the outcome of the many taste tests, one thing is clear: The Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough bar is a hit, and we need it in the states!

Sources: Thrillist, Better Retailing, One Treat at a Time / Photo Credit: One Treat at a Time

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