Kiddie Menu At Deli Is Hilarious And Too Relatable


By Cooking Panda

As a former very picky eater, I salute the genius who came up with this menu (and send my condolences to everybody I frustrated during my childhood years).

If you, or anybody you know, had a tough time deciding what to eat when dining out as a child, then this brilliant menu by casual food joint Front Street Deli is sure to resonate with you. Basically, rather than try to coax out a direct answer from it’s kiddie diners, the restaurant has instead cleverly designed a menu that gives children something to eat, whether they know they ordered it or not.

Like many kids menus, Front Street Deli’s offerings feature staples like hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries, and chicken tenders. However, they’re listed under those insufferable phrases kids use when they’re feeling uncooperative.

Check out the photo one Reddit user posted of the menu:

Your kid can order the “I Don’t Care” for $4.00 (which is actually just chicken tenders and fries), or even the “I’m Not Hungry” (grilled cheese and fries) for fifty cents less. There’s also the “I Don’t Want That” and the “I Don’t Know,” all for less than $5, which sounds like a deal to me.

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Source: Reddit / Photo credits: PBSImgur

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