Kickstarter For Wine Dispenser Raises Insane Amount Of Money!


By Cooking Panda

An alcohol company’s crowdfunding campaign for its wine dispenser startup raised an impressive $100,000 in just 15 hours.

In less than a day, Somm by SYNEK — a new wine dispenser startup — exceeded its $100,000 goal, as funding continues even further, Eater reported. The fascinating countertop dispenser “learns” the preferences of drinkers over time, according to startup founder Steve Young. 

Not unlike a Keurig coffee-maker, Somm uses a vessel to hold up to three bottles of wine at one time and leaves the wine almost perfectly preserved. Young told Eater that the vessels, called “sylos,” can fit in a standard wine rack and are eco-friendly. 

The sylos reportedly work with the machine to chill and aerate the wine bottles, and consumers can log their drink choices on a corresponding smartphone app that orders more wine when it starts to run out. 

Somm is looking at a Christmas 2016 launch, and will retail for $299.

Wine drinkers, rejoice!

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Sources: EaterSomm by SYNEK Kickstarter / Photo credit: Eater 

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