KFC’s New Georgia Gold Chicken Looks Delicious


By Cooking Panda

Do you remember KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken? It came out in 2016 and was a huge hit, mainly because it was extra crispy and featured a new sauce, different from the regular hot sauce with the vinegar kick. The new KFC Georgia Gold could be considered an upgrade from that popular flavor.

Brand Eating reports that KFC will be offering their new take on Georgia’s honey mustard-based barbecue sauce as they release the new Georgia Gold Chicken flavor on Jan. 29, 2017. The name signifies the availability of a new saucing option for many of the chain’s fried chicken products. It can be ordered on chicken tenders, bone-in chicken, wings and even on Chicken Littles sandwiches.

The Georgia Gold was tested in Mobile, Alabama, and in Pittsburgh before coming to market. You may think those are weird locations, but it makes sense if you think about it. Try a northern place and a southern place, to make sure everyone likes it!  According to Business Insider, the sauce was tested on fried chicken and tenders. Clearly, the results, which were measured on Sept. 4, 2016, proved that it was a sauce worth sharing with the rest of us. Exciting!

In describing the new sauce, one KFC spokesperson said that it resembles “grown-up honey mustard — sweet with attitude.” That’s enough to make me want to try it. It’s part of KFC’s extra crispy campaign, and so it’s meant for the crispy chicken options on the menu, as mentioned above.

When you order this version of chicken tenders (or other type of menu item — I’m not picky), you’ll notice that the name is actually quite suiting. The sauce gives the chicken a gold-like appearance, and is served with a couple of pickles (just like the Nashville Hot Chicken) to help cleanse the palate for full enjoyment.

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Business Insider has also reported that this new sauce made for some of the best chicken KFC has ever served. Try it if you think a “muted honey sweetness” sounds like a great addition to your crispy chicken favorites. Don’t worry, there’s not supposed to be too much of a mustard taste.

Sources: Brand Eating, Business Insider / Photo Credit: KFC via Business Insider

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