KFC Wants You To Make Their Fried Chicken Pizza (Video)


By Cooking Panda

KFC sent Taco Bell a clear message: Fried chicken hybrids are OUR territory.

This alarming threat (just kidding, we made that up — they are actually owned by the same company) came in the form of the Chizza, which, as you likely would never guess, is a pizza that does away with your standard dough and replaces it with FRIED. CHICKEN. For real.

This certainly isn’t the Colonel’s first foray into the world of “the meat IS the bread” plot twists. At most KFC U.S. locations, you can order the glorious Double Down sandwich, which contains bacon, cheese, cheese and secret sauce (yes, that’s two cheeses) sandwiched between two slices of FRIED CHICKEN.

The Chizza sounds a little wild, but there’s really not much difference between it and a chicken Parmesan. Here’s what goes into it, so that you can make it yourself:

You start with a marinated chicken breast fillet, cut it in half “butterfly style,” so that if you are lucky it forms the shape of a heart, because KFC “hearts” you … or maybe KFC is bad for your heart.

Either way, the Chizza crust gets breaded and fried — because, after all, this is KFC, not some wimpy healthy place — and slathered in pizza sauce. Before finishing it with cheese and “KFC Cheese Sauce,” it takes a nightmarish turn and gets topped Hawaiian style, the go-to ham and pineapple combo for people around the world who have bad taste, because clearly the chef who made this just wants to watch the world burn.

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If you have bad taste, you can make it this way, while people with functioning taste buds can order it with pepperoni instead — or you can make it yourself and put whatever you want on top.

Admittedly, the Chizza has been around for a while; it debuted in the Philippines in 2015 and has been touring Asia since then, heading next to India and now, finally, to Singapore.

“The idea was to come up with something innovative, while sticking to our core of fried chicken,” KFC India’s general manager Rahul Shinde said of the 2016 Chizza launch in his country, according to Presented By P. “And Chizza offers chicken lovers the taste of our signature Hot and Crispy chicken in the most innovative format ever.”

We are waiting with baited breath to find out when it’s coming to the U.S.

Your move, Colonel Sanders.

Sources: Eater, KFC Singapore/Twitter, Presented By P / Photo Credit: KFC Singapore

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