KFC Japan Wants To Stop Finger Licking Goodness


By Cooking Panda

In the event that you are fiercely craving fried chicken but don’t want to ruin your new manicure, head on over to Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they have just solved your conundrum and made your dream a reality.

KFC might tout their chicken as being “finger-lickin’ good,” but their chain in Japan is putting an end to that by offering tiny little gloves that you can put on your finger tips to keep them from getting greasy and oily, according to Rocket News 24.

Seriously. This is 100 percent a real thing.

These little two-finger gloves are known as the “Finger Nup” aka “Finger Napkin.” According to KFC Japan, people were using napkins as a barrier between their hands and the Colonel’s famous crispy meat, but the little paper morsels were not doing a very good job at protecting them from grease. Plus, you end up getting those little napkin bits on your food, and nobody wants that.

And that’s exactly where the Finger Nup comes in.

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The Finger Nup burst onto the Japanese scene on Dec. 15. At 222 stores around the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan, you can find the little grease shields in plastic tubs behind the cashier’s counter, so you might need to ask for them specially if you’re in the area and want to keep your fingers clean while you eat impossibly juicy chicken.

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A similar version of the finger protectors has been making the rounds throughout fast food chains in Korea, so we’re hoping it catches on soon. But if you’re desperate to protect your fingers in the U.S. as soon as possible, you can pick these disposable and eco-friendly mini-gloves on Amazon for around $14, including shipping. According to the Amazon seller, these versatile protectors are great for eating all kinds of finger food, eating outside, applying ointment, cleaning and “having a taste,” though we’re not exactly sure what that means.

Sources: Rocket News 24, Amazon / Photo Credit: haru/Instagram

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