Johnny Depp Spends A Crazy Amount On Wine Each Month


By Cooking Panda

We’re learning just how much Johnny Depp loves his wine after the details of his spending have been highlighted in a lawsuit he filed in January. According to that lawsuit, Depp brings a whole new meaning to the word “wino.”

The Huffington Post reports that Depp is suing his previous business managers for $25 million for allegedly collecting fees he’d never agreed to let them collect.

In response, the managers claimed that Depp was living beyond his means, spending $2 million per month to maintain an extravagant lifestyle. When they broke down his spending, they claimed he spent $75 million on 14 residences around the world, $18 million on a yacht, several millions on luxury vehicles and an art collection and … wait for it … $30,000 per month solely on wine.

The managers claimed Depp had the wine “flown to him around the world for personal consumption.”

According to Munchies, he’d order wine from France to be brought to him on the set of movies while he worked.

His arm sports a tattoo that says “Wino Forever,” and he has a “Pirates of the Caribbean” wine cave in his French estate.

Well, now that we know Depp loves his wine (probably an understatement), we want to know what kind of wine is so worthy of Depp’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Think about it — $30,000 per month adds up to $360,000 per year.)

He claims to have a preference for wines from Bordeaux, and one of his favorites is Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. He told Madame Figaro magazine that he likes Petrus and Chateau Cheval-Blanc, both of which are known for being rather pricey; Petrus can sell for up to $2,500 per bottle, and a three-liter bottle of Chateau Cheval-Blanc apparently sold recently for over $135,000.

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This leaves us wondering if Depp might actually like a $20, $30 or even $50 bottle of wine just as well, if only he’d give it a chance. Sure, those big-name, expensive bottles are probably delicious, but maybe he could enjoy something a little cheaper. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with loving your wine.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Munchies / Photo Credit: Laura Glen/Instagram

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