Jimmy Kimmel Tastes Durian For The First Time (Video)


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Late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel tasted durian for the first time with actress Jessica Chastain, and his reaction is definitely worth watching (video below).

Durian is widely considered the king of fruits in Southeast Asia, largely due to its strong, prickly shell that can be hard to hack through. Once you get it open by slicing along the outside and pulling it apart, you’ll find approximately 10 seeds the size of dates, surrounded by the only edible part of the fruit: a thick, custardy “meat.”

But some people are put off by its unique smell. In fact, the odor is so strong that Thailand has banned it in public places like the subway as well as some airlines and hotels, Chastain explained. The fruit is also banned on Singapore subways, according to The Guardian.

Despite the smell, the taste can be addictive. Chastain fell in love with the pungent, spikey fruit while doing press tours in Asia for her new movie, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.”

During a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Chastain brought Kimmel a whole durian, complete with two knives and two pairs of gloves — so the strong smell would not get on their fingers.

How does it taste? In the video, Chastain describes it as onions, garlic, pineapple and avocado, all mixed together into a custard — the “bleu cheese of fruit.”

“It kind of smells like a garbage can,” she says in the video.

After splitting the spiky fruit open, Kimmel is quickly overwhelmed by the smell it emits but eventually takes a big bite with some prompting from Chastain.

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“It’s on the line between horrible and delicious,” he said, adding that he feels “like throwing up a little bit.”

Kimmel then has his assistant, Guillermo, take the two halves of the fruit and “throw them in the sea or something,” admitting that he doesn’t really like it.

For the record, we think durian tastes great, but it’s not something we could eat every day. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in a for a unique treat — just make sure not to eat it right before a date, as the smell does linger in your throat and on your hands for a while.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube, The Guardian / Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

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