Jimmy Fallon Releases His Third Ice Cream Flavor (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If you caught “The Tonight Show” on TV Nov. 1, or better yet, attended the Jimmy Fallon-hosted late night talk show, you already know the former SNL cast member released his very own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, “Marshmallow Moon.”

Marshmallow Moon is the first flavor from Ben & Jerry’s Special Stash, “a series of micro-batches that can’t be mass produced or widely distributed,” according to their official website. And the flavor is so limited-edition that you won’t find it anywhere in supermarkets, wholesale clubs or the bodegas with off-brand cookies.

That is, unless you were one of the lucky ones to be in “The Tonight Show” audience, where Fallon gave away Marshmallow Moon pints to everyone a la Oprah Winfrey-style. For the less fortuitous, you can check Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops and BenJerry.com for a taste of Marshmallow Moon, which is available in limited quantities.

Jimmy fallon ice cream, the special dessert was introduced by Fallon on “The Tonight Show” ¬†and explained its namesake was inspired by the show’s logo and because “I have a body like a marshmallow” (video below). The flavor and toppings combination forms a frozen s’more, Thrillist pointed out — vanilla ice cream with marshmallow and graham cracker swirls and fudge chunks.

Ben & Jerry’s second Fallon-inspired ice cream flavor, the “Tonight Dough,” was released two years ago and is part of the creamery’s permanent flavor collection, which is among the company’s top-selling flavors — for obvious reasons. Ben & Jerry’s official website describes the Tonight Dough as a combination of “two ice creams, two cookie doughs, and a crunchy cookie swirl.”

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A less popular Fallon flavor, the “Late Night Snack” was discontinued by the end of 2014 after a four-year run, when Fallon switched over to host “The Tonight Show.” Flavor-wise, Jimmy Fallon is 3 for 3 — the Late Night Snack was a vanilla bean ice cream with salty caramel swirl and fudge-covered potato chip clusters.

Just like that of the Tonight Dough, sales of Marshmallow Moon will go to the SeriousFun Children’s Network, a charity providing fun camp experiences to children living with serious illnesses, reported Thrillist.

Fallon really knows how to draw us into a guilt-free solo pint.

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