Introducing The Deliciousness Of The ‘Churro Duo’


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Dominique Ansel is at it again with his tantalizing new creations. The newest indulgence is interlocking churro pyramids, called the “Churro Duo.”

According to Foodbeast, the “Churro Duo” pyramid-shaped sweets are available at Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan. They feature a 3-D pyramid effect, and customers are having a lot of fun just playing with them.

Excited to launch our new Churro Duo this SATURDAY at @DABJapan. A duo of our 3D churro pyramids, one white sesame and the other black sesame, made to order and served warm. Dip into our salted caramel sauce, share with your friends, and enjoy! #churroduo #churros #DominiqueAnselJapan #DABJapan 今週の土曜からドミニクアンセルベーカリートーキョーにて #チュロデュオ が販売スタートです!ピラミッドのようなチュロスは1つは白ごま、もう1つは黒ごまのフレーバー! #キャラメル のディップをたっぷりつけてお召し上がりください。 実はとっても長くてボリュームたっぷりなので、是非仲良しのお友達と一緒にシェアして完食を目指してくださいね #チュロス

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You’re not only looking at two churros linked together, but two types as well. The lighter pyramid has white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker one has black sesame and black sugar coated on. Okay, so the two types aren’t much different, but if you do too much it won’t still be a churro, right?

The cute little pyramids are served with a side of salted caramel sauce for dipping, if you can bring yourself to break up the pyramids, that is.

Introducing our new Churro Duo, our version of the traditional Spanish fried dough pastry. A pair of interlocking 3D churros – one made with white sesame and one with black sesame, made to order and served warm with homemade salted caramel dip on the side. (Unraveled, the churros are more than 1 meter long!) Starts this SATURDAY at @DABJapan. #churroduo #churros #DominiqueAnselJapan #DABJapan スペインの伝統的なお菓子のチュロス。ドミニクバーションはインターロック型の3Dチュロス #チュロデュオ が登場します!白ごまと黒ごまのフレーバーの組み合ったチュロスを自家製 #ソルトキャラメル にディップしてお召し上がりください。(このチュロス、直線に伸ばすとなんと1m以上もあるんです!) 今週の土曜日からスタートです!#ドミニクアンセル #チュロデュオ #3D

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Currently, the pyramids are only available in Japan, but if you are in the States or the U.K., don’t get too sad about it. Refinery 29 reports that, “In one of his Instagram posts about the ChurroDuo, Ansel wrote, ‘Currently only our @dabjapan has this new item, but I’m pretty tempted to bring it to NY and London.'”

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So, there’s hope after all! Sure you can get regular pieces of the fried, cinnamon-y dough at local bakeries already, but you can’t get these just anywhere. Once you have the opportunity to try them, it’d be a waste not to.

The warm dessert was introduced on Nov. 18, and clearly, as you can see from Ansel’s quote above, it’s doing very well. Keep an eye out for it to begin spreading among Ansel’s bakery locations, as it’s bound to do.

While you’re at it, or just to keep your sweet tooth satisfied in the meantime, make sure and try the bakery’s cronuts, blossoming hot chocolate (which is really pretty!), Magic Souffles and DKAs. There’s no shortage of creative deliciousness at the Dominique Ansel bakery, so if you happen across one, don’t look it over just because there’s no “Churro Duo” there. Stop in for something that will be just as satisfying.

Sources: Foodbeast, Refinery 29 / Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery/Instagram

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