Ina Garten Instagrams A Cool Cake Hack (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Ina Garten is such a babe (video below).

Not only is she a total professional in the kitchen and one of the best chefs out there, she also knows how to dole out some seriously brilliant decorating hacks for all of us amateur at-home fans drooling over her concoctions.

For example, Garten posted an absolutely captivating video on her Instagram of a chocolate ganache cake that she made.

Obviously, the cake looks delicious — Garten made it herself, after all! — but what’s more is that she also shared a super easy decorating hack that anybody can use to take their cakes from looking super basic to totally gourmet and professional.

The secret? After piping vanilla icing on top of her cake in straight lines, Garten then took a sharp knife and ran the edge of it through her icing in alternate direction.

The result? A perfect V-shaped chevron graphic that doesn’t look homemade at all. We think we could actually pull this off, but if somebody brought this cake to our birthday, we’d totally think that a professional chef or team of people had to collaborate together to make such a beautiful presentation!

“Looks professional but with a little practice it’s really easy!” Garten writes on the Instagram post.

Do you think you’ll be trying this brilliant cake hack out at home or for a potluck any time soon?

Watch Garten do her thing below:

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Source: Ina Garten/Instagram / Photo Credit: Ina Garten/Instagram

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