IKEA Japan Is Now Serving A Black, Ninja Hot Dog


By Cooking Panda

Gird your stomachs.

IKEA Japan just introduced a new food in celebration of its 10th anniversary, and the bizarre menu item is even more repulsive than you might expect. Called the “Ninja Dog,” the dish is not only pitch black, but also shockingly massive, clocking-in at almost 12 inches in length.

According to Rocket New 24, the unexpected food was named for its shape as well its color. The Ninja Dog was designed to resemble a ninja scroll and is colored with edible bamboo charcoal—a substance that is rumored to kill bodily toxins.

While the concept of dying food black might seem a little bizarre, it’s actually a common (and popular) selling tactic in Japan. Everywhere from small local restaurants to massive fast food chains such as Burger King have been known to offer midnight-hued food stuffs in the island nation, explaining IKEA’s decision to color their newest offering.

If you find yourself in Japan in the near future, you can pick up a Ninja Dog at any Japanese IKEA for about $2.92. The hot dogs will be available for the rest of the calendar year, and are offered a la carte or as part of a meal.

Personally, we’ll stick to gazing in horror at Instagram images of the Ninja Dog. Despite the supposed health benefits of bamboo charcoal, we’re not sure our stomachs (or taste buds) could handle a foot of pitch black pig parts!

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Sources: Rocket News 24, Business Insider, Foodbeast / Photo credit: IKEA 

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