IKEA Is Opening Up A DIY Restaurant — Are You Interested? (Video)


By Cooking Panda

So we all know that the name “IKEA” goes hand-in-hand with affordable furniture. But did you also know that the company is interested in food and cooking?

I certainly didn’t. I mean, I know food is available in-store, but IKEA is actually very interested in bringing people together though cooking and being in the kitchen. We know this now because it has announced that it will be opening a brand new pop-up restaurant in London called The Dining Club.

There are so many cool things about this idea that I hardly know where to start. First of all, according to Fortune, the model is set up so that parties of up to 20 people can come and have one of their own cook a meal for the group. Trained head chefs will oversee the meal preparation, and cooking sessions will be available for brunch, lunch or dinner. Secondly, the experience is free! Cooking, meals and drinks are covered.

In a statement, IKEA UK Country Marketing Manager Laurent Tiersen said that the experience is “all about inspiring people to rediscover the joy of the kitchen, after our insights showed that people are spending less and less time cooking and eating together.”

According to The Telegraph, some of the fun features will include having the restaurant named after your group for the time you are there, and the ability to choose your own menu, of which there is a range of selections, with some menus even including a few Scandinavian classics.

The campaign is called: “It Starts with the food,” and its goal is to show how cooking and eating together can make these everyday tasks more fun and enjoyable and bring people together. Those interested in this experience should register online via the IKEA website. I have a feeling reservations will fill up pretty fast. The promotion runs from Sept. 10-25.

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I’m hoping the experiment will go extremely well and we can try it here in the U.S. soon!

Check out IKEA’s commercial for the promotion below:

Sources: The Telegraph, FortuneIKEA UK/YouTube / Photo credit: PYMNT

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