If You Drink Coffee After A Night Of Loud Music, We’ve Got Bad News For You


By Cooking Panda

Instead of enjoying a hot cup of coffee the morning after a party or concert, maybe we should opt for juice instead. According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, caffeine may have a negative effect on noise-induced hearing loss. 

Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive substance, according to the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC). In the Western world, about 80 percent of adults consumed enough caffeine for it to noticeably affect the brain. The maximum recommended amount of caffeine, which is consumed in coffee, tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, and even medical treatments, is 3 mg/kg a day, equivalent to three cups of brewed coffee.

As excessive noise plays a role in many workplace environments, and as caffeine intake is very common in such environments, Dr. Faisal Zawawi, an Otolaryngologist at the Auditory Sciences Laboratory of the RI-MUHC, believes that the potential link between caffeine and hearing loss is worthy of investigation.

“When the ear is exposed to loud noise, it can suffer from a temporary hearing reduction, also called auditory temporary threshold shift,” explained Dr. Zawawi in a McGill University Health Centre press release. “This disorder is usually reversible in the first 72 hours after the exposure, but if symptoms persist, the damage could become permanent.”

Using an animal model, two groups were exposed to 110 dB for an hour, which is essentially the equivalent of a 60-minute loud rock concert. One group was given caffeine every day, whereas the other received no caffeine.

After one day, both groups demonstrated a similar amount of hearing loss, but eight days later, the group that did not consume caffeine completely recovered. However, after consuming caffeine every day, the experimental group continued to have a hearing impairment.

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“Our research confirmed that exposure to loud auditory stimuli coupled with daily consumption of 25mg/kg of caffeine had a clear negative impact on hearing recovery,” said Dr. Zawawi.

While more research is needed in order to understand the possible effects that caffeine may have on the hearing loss of humans, the results are “promising,” according to the release.

Maybe we should get a juicer and gradually replace the caffeine in our diets. 

Source: McGill University Medical Centre / Photo credit: Medical News Today

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