Hungry And Adventurous? OK, Try A Beef-Broth Popsicle


By Cooking Panda

On a hot summer day, few things sound more twisted, wretched and just plain wrong than consuming a hot cup of meaty beef broth. 

Jordan Feldman, broth fan and founder of Springbone Kitchen in New York, agrees.

So naturally, he makes a popsicle out of the stuff. He wants to start selling them to you for $4 in July, according to the New York Post.

“It’s a little bit sweet,” Feldman said of the wacky treat, which is also flavored with coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry puree and maple sugar.

The zing of the meat is definitely there, but the other flavors tone it down, he added.

Feldman likes the taste of broth, obviously, but he’s said he’s really into it for the health benefits.

Feldman injured his knee playing tennis a few years ago and tried physical therapy, to no avail. Once he started drinking a cup or two of collagen-packed beef broth a day, his knee healed.

So he’s sharing the love at Springbone, a health-food spot. He said he and his team came up with the idea when trying to figure out a way to serve broth in a refreshing way for the summer. 

“We tried some cold broth, but we had to dilute [it], otherwise it’s too gelatinous ­— it’s like Jell-O. It took away a lot of the flavor…,” he said. “Then we thought, ‘Let’s freeze it.'”

If you find yourself feeling daring in New York this summer, grab a fruity yet meaty beef-broth popsicle, and do tell us how it is. 

If you like your broth hot, you can bet Springbone will still be serving up several unique varieties of the stuff.

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Source: New York Post / Photo credit: Annie Wermiel/New York Post

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